A Peek at Dead Ex-House Slot

A Peek at Dead Ex-House Slot


International Game Technology has developed Dead Ex House, another outstanding pop culture themed slot machine that is available in many international casinos today. People who enjoy watching Zombie movies and other horror films will love the Dead Ex House video slots. Since it is one of the masterpieces of the gaming company, it features clear graphics, entertaining sound and a multi-way betting system.

The Dead Ex House Slot Machine Specs

Dead Ex House Slot is a standard 5-reel slot machine that is commonly played by new and professional casino players. In addition, it is a penny slot variation that has the capacity to accept up to 1,250 coins as the maximum bet. The machine’s jackpot prize is 250,000 coins where players need only a $1.25 bet to qualify for it.

The Multi-way Feature of the Game

Muti-way feature is another IGT’s innovative slots design that makes the game a reel betting rather than the usual pay line betting. This multi-way feature of Dead Ex House slots game have 243 winning reel arrangement that guarantee players a higher winning odds.

International Game Technology AVP System

Game King, a division of International Game Technology has developed a gaming system AVP that that is not featured in most typical slot machines. Advanced Video Platform also known as (AVP) equipped slots games feature a higher quality of sounds and video graphics. Since dead Ex video house slot machines use this system, players are treated to a more exciting and entertaining game. This slot machine requires the use of AVP to further enhance the video clips and have a real life setting.

Dead Ex House Video Slot Machine Review

For those who are not familiar with this video slots game, Dead Ex House slots started as a video licensed game and a popular arcade game. Game King has developed four versions of Dead Ex House slots video game. These versions are successfully launched in 1996, 1998 and a more advanced edition came out in the market in 2002 and finally in 2005.

The game theme is base on the popular television series The House of Dead. For their part, players play as special agents of the government whose mission is to do battle against so-called undead people or Zombies. With the slots game popularity and success, filmmakers made a movie House of the Dead in 2003. The film was also a success that led producers and filmmakers in doing a number of sequels of the film.